At the end of the wedding, when the guests have left, the cake is gone, flowers have wilted, and the only thing that you’re left with is your pictures. So, how to make your wedding photos more creative.

As of today, the wedding photography industry has come a long way from the old days of one angled photo shoot. Technology has changed and revolutionized the industry by making it an art. Although it is important to be unique and creative, it is equally important to embrace the latest trends in the industry. And that’s where these new ways of photography come in.

  • Black & White Photos:- Black & white photos are classic & timeless, which means you can’t go wrong with including these in your wedding album. Not only are they a way to mix things up, but they add more of a romantic appeal to your photos and eliminates the variation in the composition and focuses on the moment captured.

  • Capturing The Proposal:- If your fiancée is one to plan ahead, this is an awesome photo-op to get. There is so much rawness to this moment, and with the proper planning, it can go off without a hitch!

  • First Looks:- This is another sweet moment that is great to get on film. This is usually for either father-daughter moments or for the bride and groom first looks.

  • Drone Photography:-  Earlier drone photography was considered to be very expensive but as per now the drones are easily available and has become a tool of photography in the industry. With drones, you can go on with different angles in the photography which was near impossible before, especially clicking the image from the height.

  • Photo-Booths:- Adding a photo booth to your reception is a fun way to keep your guests entertained and a way to add cool and funny shots to your wedding photo album. Photo booth companies will more likely provide props for this, but if you have your own ideas in mind, you can even make DIY props too.

  • Bridal Portraits:- In the midst of the wedding day, it may be tricky to get the perfect shot of just you (The Bride) in your wedding dress. Brides are now planning photoshoots prior to the wedding day to have on display at the reception or just have for later on.

  • Destination shoots:- You might have noticed this moving trend of the destination photo shoot where the bride and groom have their photos clicked at the beach,  mountains or desert areas. This is a pre-wedding shoot which might be expensive for some. But it proves to be worth for the people how loves to get clicked for their special moments.

  • Wedding Hashtags:- This is a great and most popular way to see the pictures of your guests taken at your wedding and now couples can experience their wedding from the perspective of their guests and acquaintances.

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