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It’s one of the difficult tasks to take a picture while the subject is not acting or posing. Candid photography is capturing the natural moments of someone and that’s what makes it an art. This is done when the subject is in motion and you take a picture of him/her without any preparation or getting them noticed. So, here’s how you can take great candid photos. 

  • The subject is the main focus:- By making the subject the main focus of your pictures you isolate the background. This means capturing the subject’s movements is the main focus i.e you can blur the background in order to do that. 
  • Frame the subject with add-ons:- Sometimes when you click the photos of the couple at the wedding, in the background people show up. Well, guest is the important part of the wedding but by capturing them in the background of the couple who is the focus of your photo means that though there are other people in surroundings the couple is still watching each other in love. 
  • Photograph the listeners:-  When you take a photo of people talking, it is important you also take the photos of those who are listening to them. It’s because the expression they give or make at that time is priceless. The expression of the listeners tells the story of the situation and what kind of talk are they doing and how are they feeling. 
  • Experimentation:- It sounds foolish experimenting the new ideas in the middle of active events in photography. But it’s not that difficult. A photographer should always watch for the new angles and perspective. They should take the picture in such a manner that the photo is showing the world with the eyes of someone else.
  • What goes in the frame:- Sometimes it’s not important that you focus on the main players of the events. Like in weddings you can show the ring bearer’s side of relationship by focusing some part of the groom or large part of the ring bearer in the photo.
  • Anticipate the activities:- When you’re viewing an event there are some situation where you know what is about to happen. Like children running but one of them might fall so focussing the camera on those children and anticipating the action it an art. 
  • Watch through the camera:- When you keep your camera near you and watch the events through the peephole of that camera, the view of the world seems different. When you see the world with a camera and you ask your self whats attracting your camera and take the picture of that- that photo will be different from others.