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Candid & Pre Wedding Photo-shoot

Wedding Photography Studio (WPS). Marriage is a form of Unity that brings two people legally together and it is believed that their souls unite as one. It not only brings two people together but also brings two families together where they merge into one. No matter which age group we belong to most of us will have a wedding in our lives either it will be ours or that of close friends and family members. Each wedding that we attend stays in our memory. You would want your wedding day to be perfect, wouldn’t you? Likewise, you’d like your loved ones to remember their wedding day as the best day of their life.

Pre-wedding photography and pre-wedding photo shoots kickstart the celebration and put you in a happy wedding vibe. Pictures tell stories if you look closely enough you can see their emotions and the backdrop and even guess sometimes around what time of the year these pictures were taken. Choose your own spot to get your pictures taken for the pre-wedding photo-shoot.

We help make your dream wedding come true. Most of us do not possess a photographic memory. Therefore, if we need to show an important part of our life or an important event that has occurred in our life to another person, pictures and videos are the only way. We help you choose from a wide variety of locations in which the photo shoot can be conducted. The backdrop is a very important factor it does not only bring life into the picture but also create in Ambience in which the couple can be stress-free and interact to each other in a way that the pictures turn out candid.

In olden days the soon to wed couple would go to a studio where the background is merely a sheet or an enormous poster of the ocean or the hills or famous infrastructure. Later on, with the coming of Smartphones and good pixel cameras, free wedding photo shoots carried out by friends or family. Now imagine how the results of these two scenarios would have turned out compared to a will clan pre-wedding photo-shoot done by professionals who have carried out multiple wedding photo shoots help make many amazing pre-wedding pictures.

Let’s get the cameras rolling buy the best photographers available in town who will make you feel comfortable no matter which spot you choose, be it a historical monument or fancy backdrop or crowded destination or even if it is romantic Getaway. We would make sure that the moments will be perfectly captured along with the backdrop which you choose. If you would like to do reenact a scene from your favorite Hollywood or Bollywood movie the couple in the midst of rain or take a short trip to the place where soon to be Mr and Mrs met for the first time or an intimate gathering with the bridesmaids and best man along with the couple. Worried about the poses that you will have to strike? Leave that to us, we’ve got that covered too!

There other ways to make your pre-wedding photo-shoot extremely entertaining and look great in pictures to tell your own story. Lover of nature? Outdoor photography is one call away. Make the three wedding photo-shoot unique in your own way buy posing along with the trees and beautiful flowering plants. Lover of the ocean? A bohemian theme photo-shoot organized by us next to the Sandy beach will make you reconsider the wedding spot if it should be conducted nearby the beach. Trendy couple? Let’s do one similar to branded clothing launch by models where the couple sync with graffiti or street art backdrop. Feeling nostalgic?

We can put together the childhood pictures of the couple and make them reenact their childhood pictures and bring it all together in a way it looks like they are made for each other, which of course they are. Inseparable from the city? Have an unforgettable wedding photo-shoot done in the City with the high rise architectural backdrop where we add lights that will blur the city lights into your hearts forever.The possibilities for the location and theme are infinite. We can tailor-make it uniquely for you so that your pre-wedding photo-shoot not only tells the story of the couple’s love towards each other but also depicts their life that they live. When it comes to popular spots in Delhi for an amazing backdrop, the options are many.

  • Lodhi art district is underrated for wedding photography and Pre-wedding photo-shoots. Our photographers and team will utilize the angles and scenery in a way this place provides one of the most beautifully clicked pictures with an amazing backdrop that cannot be found elsewhere.
  • What more obvious to signify love than Taj Mahal itself. Be lost in the moment with the scenic backdrop of the famous white marbles.
  • Humayun’s Tomb may not sound very positive, bud this historical place has an entirely different beauty to it before the sunset.
  • Hauz Khas Fort & Lake has a simple touch to it with a hint of elegance. If the couple inspires simplicity and peacefulness, this is a spot made for them.
  • Aren’t we all patriotic? India Gate will make a beautiful backdrop no matter what time of the day it is. This signifies a stronghold on the viewer’s mind.
  • Connaught Place might seem like an out of place choice. But can be worked on an entirely different angle to bring out the true beauty of Delhi with the pillars and plain walls along with the pillars as the background.

Then again these are merely examples of suggestions, we can make Tailor-made pre-wedding photo-shoot for you or your loved ones in a way that this one-time occurrence in life will be remembered in the best ways possible.

Pre-wedding & Candid photo-shoot is of utmost importance as it is also a practice session for the bride and the groom to know what it will be like on their wedding day with multiple cameras flashing at them, they wouldn’t be giddy as they already know what poses to strike as they’ve had an amazing Candid & pre-wedding photo-shoot. Wedding Photography Studio WPS.